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09/2015 | Posti selects Mapos

Posti, the Finnish national post office, has chosen Mapos  as their partner for improving field sales trackability. Thanks to Mapos, Posti can easily track and manage their shelving and display process and get a better picture of the sales field situation.

“We are extremely pleased, that Mapos has been chosen as Posti’s nationwide service provider”, says Miikka Muurinen, Sales Director at Mapos.

“Mapos is well equipped to address the needs of Posti’s network. After comparing different options, we came to the conclusion that Mapos is the best partner for our needs”, says Riku Kuusisto from Posti.

Mapos offers a solution for improving sales and marketing in the retail environment. At the core of the solution is a unique software, that is being used in many companies across Europe.

In addition to Posti, Mapos is currently used by Suomalainen kirjakauppa, Fiskars, Bonnier Books, Philips, Valio Sverige Ab, Life, Pfizer, Takeda, Cederroth, Harmonia Life, Leader, Alfmix, Easyzone, Vitaseege, Arla, Sinituote, Froosh, Motonet, Värisilmä, Apteekkikustannus, Volyymi and Remarkable Ab.

For more information, please contact:

Mika Heikkilä, CEO/partner mika.heikkila@mapos.fi, +358407491225

Mikko Nikkola, partner mikko.nikkola@mapos.fi, +358405285748


09/2015 | React to in-store problems in real time to achieve outstanding sales results

Lets say your product is sold on 4 continents, 27 countries, through 887 retail outlets. How do you make sure your product is available everywhere, properly presented,  and the promotional campaign that you had devised for it is going forward according to plan everywhere at the same time? Sounds like a pretty big task, doesn’t it?

Naturally you receive reports from your country offices, sales reps, partner vendors, and promotional companies, but they are often weeks late, in an excel sheet, lacking crucial information that enables you to react to any kind of problem in time. This results in poor visibility, wasted money and ultimately decreased sales.

What if you could monitor, coordinate and manage all your retail locations from a single place, in real time, through a click on a map and on any mobile device. Enter Mapos, an effective management tool that makes field reporting quick and easy and helps companies achieve outstanding sales results.

Mapos brings stores to your office. We are a Finnish in-store solution provider that has helped over 30 Nordic customers in growing their business by giving them the tools to control and manage the end of their supply chain most efficiently.

See what Mapos can do for your business – visit www.mapos.fi

05/2015 | Arla selects Mapos

On the domestic market, Arla is investing in innovation and visibility. Mapos becomes natural partner in streamlining operations.

“We were in need of a tool which would allow us to track our product displays across all stores. Arla is investing in being consumer oriented, in innovation and brand visibility; because of this Arla is also focusing on field sales together with marketing”, says Harriet Kosunen, Arla’s Sales Development Director. Kosunen states the decision to choose Mapos software was made because of its clarity and ease of use. The roll out project has gone according to schedule.

Arla’s Key Account Manager, Annica Lindblom points out that the sales force has also embraced the use of Mapos Software quickly and the feedback has been positive: “We wanted better planning for our customer meetings and better reporting from our visits on site. Mapos serves our needs in this respect just as we wanted.”

Arla appreciates the ability of mobile reporting, both from a smart phone as well as tablet. Kosunen sees the cooperation will further develop in the future: “We will extend the use and also invest in a CRM tool to help us manage our customer and order information in cooperation with Mapos.”

05/2015 | Philips selects Mapos

Philips is investing in improving trackability with the help of Mapos.

Philips’ Trade Marketing Manager, Kati Partanen says Mapos has made everyday work easy with reports being in the same format, visual and all in the same place. Additionally tracking outsourced work of shelf stocking and product displaying has been smoother and we get a better picture of the actual field situation. “Report analysis and comparison as well as best practice sharing has been easier with Mapos. It has also provided us needed support to our campaign planning and implementation.”

Mapos’ CEO, Mika Heikkilä comments: “Despite the growth of online sales, there are no signs that all consumer commerce could or even would want to become virtual. People want to have the experience of shopping in a traditional store. This is usually where the visual side as well as experiences from other senses play an increasingly more important role. Displays are developing and becoming digital, but also the level of investment in displays is growing although there are significant differences in these levels: when others are marketing their products visibly and efficiently, others remain in the shadows, or are fighting for their place in the sun, in other words the choice is with the consumers.”

04/2015 | Mapos gets some Sales muscle

Miikka Muurinen has been appointed Director of Sales at Mapos starting from 20 April, 2015. Miikka has a long track record in various management positions in Sales and Marketing. Amongst other achievements, he has experience in TV and online work both on the domestic market as well as internationally.

In addition to the ongoing growth on the Finnish market, Mapos will be focusing on international markets. Mapos operates as a marketing and sales, as well as, in-store and supply chain marketing specialized company. Mapos, which is experiencing fast growth, specializes in making retail activities more efficient in real time, by utilizing innovative and unique technology solutions.